Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sweet Victory

This list right here confirmed that I passed the first semester of Uni. This feels like victory, it feels so good. Not to get ahead of myself, we're only halfway there. But we also are already halfway there. Hard work pays off. That's what I discovered. So just going to keep doing what I am doing and I should have no problems conquering this second semester. 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Bears on the Road

I think I might introduce a new category to my blog: Selfie of the Day! My photo library is more than qualified for that haha. Have to get a lot of studying done today and it's being done as we speak! This week was a pretty good week. University was alright, got some good training in at my gym, not too much drama and I got an overall feeling that I got work done this week; which feels pretty good. Sometimes I forget how good I feel after training but this week made me realize how much I love to fight and train. It's a shame that university takes up so much of my time. School comes first, before training but I need to think of a way to combine the two in a better way. In order to achieve your dreams and goals you need to work for it. I posted a little something on my facebook the other day: 

'Tomorrow we'll be one day closer to achieving our dreams. Nothing worth having comes easy. We got to work for it. Today was a bad day? Pick yourself up, tomorrow you'll have all new chances of making great things happen. The future comes one day at a time and time can't be rushed. It will all work out, trust me.'

This is actually what I live by every single day. You've got to stay positive. Rome wasn't build in a day so you got time. It is pretty amazing how much a positive mind can accomplish.
So you didn't get you ass to the gym today? No problem, don't sweat it. Tomorrow you have a new chance. You're on a diet and let it slip for a day? No problem, pick it up again tomorrow. You had a strong argument with someone you love? I understand you feel bad, but can you change it right now, right here? Tomorrow you can make it up again, apologize, talk it out, listen to the other person. It comes from both sides. 
Don't beat yourself up over things that you can't change ríght now. Sometimes you just need to let it go for a moment. Take some distance, give it some time and see what happends. The path to succes isn't an easy one. You'll come across speedbumps, you'll get lost, you'll feel hopeless at times and you will for sure come across some huge bears you need to fight off. No problem! You can do this. I got full faith in a good ending and as long as we keep a positive mindset and deal with things that come along, succes will come and dreams will be achieved!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Philosophy of Science

Got to get some Foucault done that even our teachers warned us about. It is supposed to be pretty hard literature so I'm bracing myself to whatever I may encounter while reading this. This whole month we got only one course, 'the Philosophy of Science. The University likes to call this kind of studying 'Intensive Studying' also know as: we're going to teach this course in three weeks whilst otherwise you would've had this in eight. I only have to attend University eight hours a week. On monday and wednesday we got two hours of lecture and on tuesday and thursday we have two hours of class in which we discuss the things told in lecture. You're supposed to study about 32 hours at home, next to these eight hours. Goodbye to my social life, but it's only till the end of January. We'll end this course with an exam on the 30th.
It's pretty nice to notice that my four year of Philosophy in highschool are coming along really well this course. I don't find it hard, it just has to be done. Everything I hear sounds familiar and it's only a matter of brushing up my knowledge. And I also start to realise how much I actually still love Philosophy. It's almost a shame we only got this course for three weeks. I could do this all year long.

Here's the playlist that getting me throught my literature. Back to the books now, adios!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Friday Beach Day

Eva and I decided to go to the beach on friday. We never realized it's not that far from Amsterdam by train so we hopped on the train and within 30 minutes we arrived at Zandvoort aan zee. The days before the weather had been pretty depressing but this friday it turned out to be a beautiful day. We arrived at the beach; the sun was shining, there was a pretty strong breeze and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. We walked for a bit and sat down for a hot drink. These are the things you need to do to clear your head and relax for a bit.
Whenever I'm at a beach I feel good, no matter what is going on in my life. It has a really good influence on the human mind. And luckily for me, now I know the beach is just a short trainride away. I might just make a habit of this.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kids, do your homework

It's always a good thing to not immediatly rush into your homework when you arrive home after a day of school. You know you have to do your homework, and you know you don't have all the time in the world to complete it but rushing into it will eventually not give you better and quicker results. I always find that whenever I rush into my homework and try to complete it as quick as possible I end up having to rewrite/reread/rethink everything twice so in the end it takes up more time.
No, it's much better to just get home, help yourself into something comfortable, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and make a clear schedule of what has to be done (of course the really well prepared people already had this schedule drawn out this last Sunday, ready for the whole week, but I'm not one of them).
Right now I'm just taking a moment for myself, updating my blog, checking mail, thinking about what to eat tonight and trying to get my mind around the fact that in about 15 minutes I will start doing my homework. It always takes some soft persuasion to the mind to eventually really get yourself to do it. Discipline and motivation are key though. You might not like the task that is ahead but this small task is just part of something bigger, something that you really do want to work hard for.

I need to read the Communist Manifest by tomorrow and think of some sharp comments to bring to class. I would know a whole lot of things I would rather do with my time right now than reading this article. But there's no escaping it. If I don't read it, I can't take the exam in three weeks; which means I will fail this course and have to retake it next year. Yeah, I thought so. I'd rather suck it up and read the damn thing instead of giving in to my laziness.
That all said and done; I need to get to work now. Key is: Kids, do you homework.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Need to renew my passport so had to get my official picture taken. Guess this is what I will be stuck with for the next five years. 

Communist Manifest

I have a bigger post lined up to share with you guys but for now I don't have the time to finish that one just yet so I thought I would just share this for now. I just found out I need to read the Communist Manifest before wednesday! Gotta love Uni.

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